Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lemme Gitcher Ear Fer a Minute...

Them Crooked Vultures ain't gonna surprise no one, but they may rock a couple of asses off. No shit... listen to John Paul Jones' bass parts (if you can get past Josh Homme sounding like every band he's ever been in). OH... and Grohl playing drums means for at least that instant, he isn't writing some song I feel guilty for hating. B+ but only because Plant died last year. Oh, he's alive? B-

It is worth mentioning that prior to editing, I referred to the band above as Them Heavy Vultures. Oh Kate Bush, will you ever relinquish your control of my brain?

V is brilliant television for Americans that hate terrorism. Solid B

Mad Men finale? B+ if you are a misogynist. A- if you aren't.

I used to watch FlashForward. Then baseball happened. I liked Lost the first time.

Oh... reality television? Kevin wins Top Chef, that bitch I-Mean-a wins Project Runway, no one wins Survivor unless a new-clear bawmb is dropped on Samoa, and General Hospital is just getting good. Whataya mean General Hospital isn't real?

I figured that Brother Ran would hit that Grant Hart record, but as he hasn't... OH MY GOD. It is the sequel to Intolerance that you never heard. Wait, you never heard Intolerance? Then why are you reading this? Fuck off. Hot Wax A++++++

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