Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Notes And Musings While Waiting For The Cable Guy

With all due respect to Brother Van, the hour I spent listening to Them Crooked Vultures is the worst I spent this year. Awful. Made me appreciate the Decemberists. Good job, Josh. I hate you a little more. Grade F.

Speaking of the awful, has "Saturday Night Live" ever been this bad. Farting Grace Kelly? Really? Pick it up or pack it in, from here on out, I only watch if X-Pensive Winos are involved.

Van mentioned me not reviewing the new Grant Hart, so here it is. Grant Hart's new record "Hot Wax" is the best record of the year. Hands down. Brilliant. Better than anything else I heard this year with the possible exception of the Def Jam 25th anniversary box set. But that doesn't count. So Grant Wins. Yay, Grant. 237 Stars.

What the fuck is up with Sammy Sosa's skin? Creepy.

I can't get Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" out of my head. This must be why people commit suicide.

Where is the cable guy? It's driving me crazy. Reason number two why people kill themselves.

New way to identify if you're a gay? Your excitement level for James Franco on "General Hospital". Currently mine is at 11.

You know, finding a creepy guy at a Metallica concert must be amongst the hardest cases local L.E.O.'s face.

My strong love for Sherlock Holmes is going to be eclipsed for my hatred of Guy Richie. And Jude Law. I smell a Netflix rental. Plus, I only go to the movies if capes are involved. And Iron Man don't wear no cape.

Those "Twilight" kids all have them crazy eyes. And Ms. Stewart has the personality of a rat. And not one of those "Ben" rats, just regular everyday gutter rat. Rat. Rat. Rat. Ain't nobody gonna write a song for her. Rat.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. "Avatar" looks dreadful. Exactly why do people like James Cameron? Must be a Scientology thing.

I'm sorry Ms. Stewart, I don't really think you are a rat...Rat!

Seriously, it wouldn't take Jim Carrey this long. "When the truth is found to lies...", indeed.

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